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Our Story
Like Millions in India, we too are a victim of Cricket that pushed us to an edge of starting a business and encourage sports in our towns - Tiruppur and Coimbatore.
Coincidently, it was on the same day Stadium Sports was opened, when India won the ICC Cricket World cup on April 2nd 2011. Today, Stadium sports is an Iconic and ‘State-of-Sport’ wholesale and retail store, selling leading international & national branded sports and Fitness products for indoor and outdoor sports.
Our vision is to take sports to every mind and enrich a healthy-social living.
Sports Consulting Service
We understand Sport is a passion and so our philosophy is of business is to promote with a consulting service. We have experts at our store for cricket and badminton who are players themselves, represented and working at professional level. Our experts will guide you to choose the right products for your strength and skills to excel your passion. To mention, we have a number of junior grade and budding sports kids reach out regularly for our expert guidance for bat selection.